Ivanka's Tantra Massage

Tantra massage

What is a Tantra massage?
A Tantric Massage is one of the most pleasant and relaxing activities that a person who needs relaxation and rest can undergo.

It dates back to ancient times, but is only now being rediscovered. This massage can be compared to a traditional classic massage, which is of great health importance, allowing you to remove and eliminate problems from the body, however, more and more popular in our times are not classic massages but Tantric massages, which not only eliminate problems in the body but also in the soul and mind .

Due to its unique nature, it is recommended for people experiencing physical stress, fatigue, people with depression and various psycho-physical problems.

Tantric massage has enormous power to release and release stress and eliminate internal blockages. Properly performed massage allows you to relax the body, fully relax and open up to your needs, free yourself and get rid of shame.

How is a Tantra massage performed?
During the session, the massaged person experiences pleasant sensations, going from relaxation to tension, discharged thanks to appropriate massage techniques.

The massage itself takes place with relaxing music, candles, scents, which allows for concentration and deep contact with your own interior.

The massage takes place on a comfortable and quite spacious mattress that provides comfort for both sides, both for the massager and the massaged person. Tantric massage is performed for both men and women. It covers every part of the body for enjoyment and relaxation.

Thus, each part of the human body is recognized as equal in terms of its value and importance, it is not automatically rejected or considered shameful and therefore excluded from the right to massage.

We anoint the body with natural oils or appropriate supplements, depending on the choice of massage. This kind of massage in ancient times was a form of worshiping ancient gods and at the same time vital force and naturalness.

Lingam and Joni massage is never forced. It is the result of natural desires and the opening of the body to massage.

If you are not ready to fully open up to the massage, I totally accept this state as fully natural with understanding and full acceptance. The most important part of the massage is that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Thanks to our sessions you will regain your self-confidence and accept your body.

We will teach you how to take the joy of life