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Tantra Massage

Tantric massage has enormous power to release and release stress and eliminate internal blockages.

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Relax Massage

Everything is about bringing you to relaxation. The basics from this massage is given from a classic relax massage. It is an intuitive massage with warmth, attention and respect.

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Sport Massage

Ivanka's sport massage is a powerful massage that is intended to bring the body back into balance.

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Ivanka Massage. The best Tantra, Relax and Sport massages

From an atmospheric ambiance, I take you on a journey of awareness, intimacy and connection in which you can experience the healing and infinite flow of life energy. You can start the journey at my location, the Merendree area, with postal code 9850.

The benefits of my Tantra massages
It reduces stress – tantric massage allows you to move your mind into the abyss of relaxation and peace. It will soothe your troubled thoughts and wrap your body with calm and peace.

It relaxes the muscles.
Tantric massage not only affects our senses, but also works on tense muscles. It improves the health and appearance of the skin, thanks to the natural oils we use, your skin will be moisturized, smooth and elastic. During the session, blood flow is increased, which will oxygenate your body and cells.

Controls emotions
During the session, forget about the problems that surround you, allow yourself to move your mind to a higher level of peace and spirituality.

It allows for new experience, acceptance and openness
During the session you will experience techniques that allow you to discover a new dimension of pleasure. Tantric massage is open to everyone regardless of gender or orientation.

Increases self-confidence
Everyone is treated individually during the massage. Each of us is different and equally important, appreciated, treated with due respect and kindness.

Welcome to the massage world of Ivanka

During the massage session you will experience the respect, understanding and care that comes from Ivanka.